Our trained store personnel make sure you get the right shoe:

1. We LEARN by taking time to ask questions about your current activity, such as how often you run, how far and if you have a goal in mind. We also discuss any existing or past injuries and talk about the footwear you currently use. If you have an older, worn pair of shoes it will help us learn more about your gait cycle. If your doctor or physical therapist has suggestions, we understand much of what they think will assist you.

2. Measure – We measure your foot length and foot width.

3. Dynamic movement observation - We will watch you walk in your stocking or bare feet. We will take a look at how your feet and lower legs change during your gait cycle (observing your degree of suppination or pronation). We aren't doctors and don't pretend to be, but our experience helps us recommend a shoe that is functionally correct for you.

4. We will discuss your options and make a recommendation of shoes that may be good for you.

5. TEST Drive – Hopefully we will have a few selections for you to try. You can run on our treadmill or outside. With each pair we will ask questions and with your feedback we continue to help your selection.

6. Selection – The final decision is up to you, because only you know how the shoe fits and feels to you. But continue to ask questions to any of our staff until you are comfortable with your decision.

7. Beyond the Shoe selection – we will continue to assist you with socks, apparel or any equipment needs.

8. Beyond the purchase – we believe in our products and do our best to ensure you are comfortable with you selection. Our return policy.